ANC protests against itself

Pro- and anti-Zuma factions face off at Luthuli House

Photo of protesters and police standing off

Police try to stop Pro-Zuma supporters from attacking a group of ANC members who came out to protest against the president.

By Ihsaan Haffejee

5 September 2016

Members of the ANC, demanding that President Jacob Zuma steps down, marched on the ruling party’s headquarters in Johannesburg today. The march, dubbed #OccupyLuthuliHouse, was met by a counter-demonstration of pro-Zuma supporters.

ANC members protesting against President Zuma held placards like the one above. Here they are singing on Beyers Naude Square close to Luthuli House. Besides demanding that the president step down, they also demanded that the party’s National Executive Committee be dissolved.
The anti-Zuma protesters wore ANC insignia, making it clear they are supporters of the ANC.
Members of the umKhonto weSizwe Veterans Association came out in defence of President Zuma and vowed to protect Luthuli house from those they deemed “sellouts”. Some veterans threatened journalists and attempted to confiscate photographers’ cameras.
Members of the ANC Youth League also came out in defence of President Zuma.