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GroundUp wins court case against the Legal Practice Council

24 May 2023 | ARTICLE

By Tania Broughton

...Ramulifho to pay GroundUp’s costs. GroundUp has won a case against the Legal Practice Council (LPC), with a ruling that it must properly investigate a complaint against attorney Lesley Ramulifho who ...

GroundUp told to remove Lottery article following fake copyright claim

19 May 2023 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph, Anton van Zyl and Nathan Geffen

...Ramulifho and the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) asking why, despite Ramulifho being under investigation for corruption involving sizeable Lottery grants, he continued to supply legal services to...

Strict new measures to combat Lottery corruption

13 February 2023 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph

...Ramulifho, who was behind the hijacking of Denzhe. The NLC used this civil lawsuit, which almost four-and-a-half years later Ramulifho has failed to pursue, as an excuse not to take action to recover ...

How Lottery money was used to fund mansions for high flyers

16 January 2023 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph

...Ramulifho Family Trust, of which Ramulifho is both a trustee and a beneficiary. The luxury home is in Froggy Pond, a posh area in Simon’s Town. When it was put up for auction in 2017 an advert describ...

Leaked report shows how Lottery school toilet project was hijacked

15 December 2022 | ARTICLE

By Daniel Steyn

...Ramulifho – Zibsifusion and Dinosys – each received R10-million in grants to build new toilets. Ramulifho has been involved in several dodgy lottery deals and has received more than R60-million in lot...

Terry Pheto’s house may go up for auction to recover Lottery funds

7 November 2022 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph

...Ramulifho using money from a grant to build a drug rehabilitation centre. Ramulifho admitted to “borrowing” the money from the organisation (in breach of the terms of the grant) but claimed that he ha...

Why GroundUp is taking the Legal Practice Council to court

2 November 2022 | ARTICLE

By GroundUp Editors

...Ramulifho, the dodgy lawyer against whom the LPC failed to take any action. This is what we said: We have run many stories exposing Ramulifho as a Lottery crook. In response to our stories, which for...

National Lotteries Commission ignored warnings about corruption

1 September 2022 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph

...Ramulifho, who has received at least R60-million in Lottery grants. There was poor workmanship and materials used in the construction of the toilets, SkX reported. “Allegations of improper utilisation...

Lottery swindle: the story so far

11 August 2022 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph

...Ramulifho to buy a luxury Pretoria “country estate“ home. Ramulifho, who has done extensive legal work for the NLC, controls several non-profit companies that have received at least R60-m in Lottery g...

Money for school pays for Lottery boss’s golf estate home

28 July 2022 | ARTICLE

By Raymond Joseph