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20 July 2016 | ARTICLE

Xolobeni: Ministers duck questions on mining

Imbizo yields no information on murder of activist

...Xolobeni project — to its black empowerment partner Keysha Investments. More than 1,000 people attended an imbizo in Xolobeni, Eastern Cape, where violence has marked plans to mine titanium. Photo: M...

18 July 2016 | ARTICLE

Australian mining company pulls out of Wild Coast mine

Ongoing violence prompts MRC’s decision

...Xolobeni on the Wild Coast.  Mining in Xolobeni has been surrounded by controversy and violence. In March this year, Sikhosiphi Bazooka Rhadebe the chairman of the Amadiba Crisis Committee, a local or...

12 July 2016 | ARTICLE

Xolobeni community want answers at meeting

Police to face questions about activist’s death

Activists opposing the titanium mining project in Xolobeni in the Eastern Cape are hoping for answers from the Department of Mineral Resources and the police at a community meeting next week. At the m...

25 May 2016 | ARTICLE

No mining in Xolobeni, demand activists

Protests against Australian company in Cape Town and Perth

...Xolobeni. that is why we are not learning and living on subsistence farming. The government is lying. Mining will bring development.” The memorandum, amongst other demands, called for Xolobeni to be d...

21 April 2016 | ARTICLE

Rural South Africa is on a Precipice

Countryside sliding into ever more violent confrontations

The murder of Sikhosiphi “Bazooka” Rhadebe, a leading opponent of titanium mining in Xolobeni in the Eastern Cape, marks a crisis that has been building for over two decades around land and chiefs in ...

11 April 2016 | ARTICLE

At last, police are taking Xolobeni violence seriously, says activist

Amadiba Crisis Committee secretary “happy with progress”

For the first time, the police are taking the situation in Xolobeni seriously,  says Amadiba Crisis Committee secretary Nonhle Mbuthuma. Mbuthuma said the committee was “happy with progress” on the in...

1 April 2016 | ARTICLE

From Xolobeni to Marikana we see consequences of impunity

Compromised politicians and corrupt government departments are sacrificing human rights

...Xolobeni but on the opposite, arid West Coast of South Africa, some 350 kilometres north of Cape Town. While MRC was granted permission to extract the zircon and rutile which constitute around 5% of t...

31 March 2016 | ARTICLE

The week in political activism

A roundup of some of the activities of civil society organisations

...Xolobeni anti-mining activist Sikhosiphi ‘Bazooka’ Rhadebe, a solidarity fund for the Amadiba Crisis Committee (ACC) has been set up to assist Rhadebe’s family, for transport, and for continuing the s...

29 March 2016 | ARTICLE

Assassinated anti-mining activist knew his life was in danger

...Xolobeni will continue, promises Nonhle Mbuthuma

Xolobeni activist Nonhle Mbuthuma broke down in tears last month while addressing a mining conference in Cape Town. “Our people are being attacked. People are dying because of this,” she said, describ...

23 March 2016 | ARTICLE

Opponent of Xolobeni titanium mine assassinated

Others fear for their lives

Opponents of the plan to mine titanium in the Xolobeni area in the Eastern Cape fear for their lives after the chairman of the Amadiba Crisis Committee, Sikhosiphi Bazooka Rhadebe, was assassinated la...