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22 September 2021 | ARTICLE

Activists urge Ramaphosa to move N2 Wild Coast Toll Road

The road will bring destruction to the Wild Coast, they say. But SA National Roads Agency disagrees

The proposed N2 Toll Road will cut through Sigidi village. Map: Lisa Nelson Activists in Xolobeni in the Eastern Cape have urged President Cyril Ramaphosa to support their battle against the planned...

5 August 2021 | ARTICLE

Wild Coast: is there a future in eco-tourism?

“We are not anti-development” say opponents of mine and toll road

...Xolobeni’s eco-tourism scene is environmental activist Sinegugu Zukulu. Born and bred in Xolobeni, Zukulu holds a master’s degree in environmental management from the University of Stellenbosch. He ha...

2 August 2021 | ARTICLE

N2 toll road on Wild Coast divides community

Some argue it will bring economic opportunities while others worry it will destroy their way of life

...Xolobeni on the Wild Coast Part one: Battle to stop 22km long mine on Wild Coast Part two: N2 toll road on Wild Coast divides community Part three: Wild Coast: is there a future in eco-tourism? “Bo...

28 July 2021 | ARTICLE

Battle to stop 22km long mine on Wild Coast

Xolobeni community deeply divided

...Xolobeni community. Photos: Daniel Steyn “Without land, we are nothing.” Bekeni Danca, 40, was born in Xolobeni village and fears that if the project of an Australian-based company to mine the mineral...

8 July 2021 | ARTICLE

Elections 2021: Xolobeni voters may kick ANC out

Poor services and a controversial mining project have fuelled disaffection with governing party

Neliswa Mdukisa, a subsistence farmer, tends her garden in Xolobeni. Photos: Daniel Steyn In the coastal region of the Amadiba Tribal Authority, a community’s resistance to a controversial mining dev...

30 June 2021 | ARTICLE

Eastern Cape parents build their own school

...Xolobeni is raising funds to build classrooms and other facilities

The School Governing Body of Baleni Senior Secondary School near Xolobeni is using its limited funding to build new facilities without the assistance of the Department of Education. Photo: Daniel Ste...

1 April 2021 | ARTICLE

Aussie mining company fires Mark Caruso as CEO

Unclear if firing will impact on case in which Caruso is suing six South Africans for defamation

...Xolobeni has fired Mark Caruso as its CEO. Caruso is currently suing South African environmental lawyers, community activists and a social worker for defamation. Caruso has been convicted of drunken d...

16 February 2021 | ARTICLE

West Coast mining magnate due in court in March on assault charges

Australian courts drop one charge against Mark Caruso, two still pending

...Xolobeni on Pondoland’s Wild Coast for more than a decade. A criminal charge of aggravated home burglary has been dropped against Mark Caruso, an Australian venture capitalist with strong South Afri...

11 February 2021 | ARTICLE

SLAPPing back: Court checks corporate bullying

Tuesday’s judgment in the mining company case provides key insights into how to recognise a SLAPP suit

...Xolobeni in the Eastern Cape, despite strong resistance from the local community there. In a presentation made at a summer school on mining run by the University of Cape Town, Reddell, Davies and Cloe...

10 February 2021 | ARTICLE

SLAPP in the face for Australian mining company

“Victory for activism and free speech” as judge rules in favour of SA lawyers, activists and social worker

...Xolobeni and at the Tormin mineral sands mine on the West Coast, and/or to punish them for speaking out. The plaintiffs’ lawyers denied they were bringing a SLAPP suit, arguing that for legal proceedi...