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25 October 2019 | ARTICLE

Trial of official accused of stealing railway line set for June

...Swartz and Nadhir Mohiudeen are accused of theft and fraud

...Swartz is the former acting CEO of the Rail Division of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), and Mohiudeen is a Cape Town based businessman. Swartz is accused of having used his position...

15 October 2019 | ARTICLE

PRASA case postponed again

...Swartz to appear on 25 October

...PRASA) Mthuthuzeli Swartz and Syed Nadhir Mohiudeen, a Cape Town-based businessman. On Friday 11 October the court postponed the case to 25 October. Swartz and Mohiudeen are facing fraud charges amoun...

9 September 2019 | ARTICLE

PRASA’s Swartz back in court in October

Hearing postponed again

...PRASA) Mthuthuzeli Swartz and businessman Syed Nadhir Mohiudeen has been postponed again, to 11 October. Mohiudeen’s name is usually spelt Mahuideen in the media (including GroundUp), but in this repo...

6 August 2019 | ARTICLE

Top PRASA manager accused of selling 42km of railway line he didn’t own

...Swartz’s case is being heard in the Port Elizabeth Specialised Crimes Court

...Prasa), Mthuthuzeli Swartz and another accused Syed Nadhir Mohiudeen are facing charges of outlandish fraud allegedly involving the sale of a large chunk of Eastern Cape railway line that was not Swar...

6 June 2019 | ARTICLE

More charges being brought against Mthuthuzeli Swartz

...PRASA executive’s case postponed till August

...Prasa Rail. These are the big fish and yet you target me. What logical explanation could there be? Please enlighten me,” wrote Swartz in a text message. But in contrast to Swartz, the three executives...

5 April 2019 | ARTICLE

Fraud case against PRASA executive postponed

...Swartz’s lawyer says they are ready for trial

...Swartz had a stand-in lawyer in court on Friday and the case was postponed to 6 June. Swartz was dismissed from PRASA on 8 November. The chair of Swartz’s disciplinary enquiry concluded: “[Swartz] bla...

28 February 2019 | ARTICLE

Former PRASA Rail CEO back in the dock for fraud

...Swartz, who is also accused of stealing railway lines and sleepers, attacks #UniteBehind and makes allegations against his former colleagues

...Swartz is the former acting CEO of the Rail division of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) Swartz is out on bail of R2,000 after he first appeared in court in January. The former PRASA ...

24 January 2019 | ARTICLE

GROUNDVIEW: Our train service is a victim of state capture

PRASA’s corruption has cost lives and left commuters across the country in distress

...PRASA’s patchy progress addressing safety concerns.) We also report that Mthura Swartz, implicated by activist group #UniteBehind as one of the main state capturers, has been dismissed from PRASA. The...

24 January 2019 | ARTICLE

Former PRASA Rail boss denies charges against him


...Swartz, former PRASA Rail acting CEO. On Tuesday, Swartz made a brief appearance at a court in Port Elizabeth for a number of charges, including the theft of railway lines and sleepers in the Eastern ...

23 January 2019 | ARTICLE

Former PRASA acting CEO charged with fraud, money laundering and theft


...PRASA Rail. In January 2018, #UniteBehind demanded PRASA remove Swartz immediately. At the time, he was still under investigation by the office of the Public Protector and the police. Swartz was remov...

13 April 2018 | ARTICLE

Prasa Rail acting CEO removed

Minister Blade Nzimande appoints new board

...Swartz had been suspended as acting CEO of Prasa Rail. Swartz was removed as acting CEO of Prasa Rail. Our apologies for the error.

9 March 2018 | ARTICLE

Court interdicts PRASA from intimidating activists

“We are not going to accept undemocratic, repressive and violent behaviour in a democracy” says Zackie Achmat

...PRASA). “For us this is a very important step to show PRASA and to show the thugs that we are not going to lie down,” said Zackie Achmat, a member of the UniteBehind Organising Secretariat. “We are no...

6 February 2018 | ARTICLE

PRASA board fails to pitch up for parliamentary meeting

Committee summons board to come on 13 February

...PRASA delegation of Molepo, acting Rail Chief Executive Officer Mthuthuzeli Swartz and acting group Chief Strategic Officer Sipho Sithole. Ramatlakane adjourned the meeting and gave the PRASA delegati...

6 February 2018 | ARTICLE

Public Protector investigating “irregular” recruitments at Prasa

UniteBehind calls for urgent release of the findings

...Swartz, who was appointed acting CEO of PRASA Rail earlier this year. Swartz was previously provincial Regional Manager. He is also under investigation for corruption and sexual harassment when he was...

11 January 2018 | ARTICLE

PRASA appoints a CEO who is under investigation for corruption

...Swartz, acting CEO of Rail

...PRASA interim Board, Justice Makhubele. UniteBehind has given the board until Thursday (today) to suspend Mthuthuzeli Swartz. UniteBehind said PRASA had decided to promote Swartz to acting CEO on 3 Ja...

22 February 2017 | ARTICLE

Will Metrorail users have to wait 17 years for decent service?

...Prasa promises to get it working … by 2034

...Prasa turn-around strategy is well in place,” Prasa’s Senior Marketing and Communication Manager Lillian Mofokeng said on Tuesday when asked for an update on the 2034 plan.

6 February 2013 | ARTICLE

Metrorail or Metrofail?

...PRASA is Sfiso Buthulezi who is the Chief Operations Officer for Makana Investment Corporation Limited. PRASA reports to the National Minister of Transport. The person responsible for PRASA’s Me...