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29 August 2019 | ARTICLE

Tensions flare at Cape housing dialogue

Gatvol Capetonian has given government 30 days to address some of their demands

...Steenvilla resident, who requested to remain anonymous, said she was evicted on Tuesday because she could no longer afford to pay her rent. The resident and her two children slept at a friend’s place ...

17 January 2019 | ARTICLE

GROUNDVIEW: Is the education system improving?

Also: Dangers of election opportunism

...Steenvilla, a reasonably well-run state-subsidised rent complex in Cape Town’s south peninsula. It is home to over 700 families and managed by a not-for-profit company, SOHCO. Steenvilla has had its p...

12 December 2018 | ARTICLE

More than half the plots earmarked for backyarders in Cape Town’s southern suburbs are on wetlands

Residents sceptical at briefing by project managers

...Steenvilla, where people have been evicted? At the end of the day, our people will be evicted again … They can’t come here and tell us what we want,” he said. Parkwood resident Rashaad Allen said re...

7 November 2018 | ARTICLE

Why did the City of Cape Town delay social housing in Salt River?

Brett Herron and DA councillors trade accusations

...Steenvilla social housing complex in the south peninsula. But Communicare had nothing to do with Steenvilla. It is managed by another company, SOHCO. Moreover, the evictions were carried out lawfully ...

16 August 2018 | ARTICLE

Cape Town’s homeless and evicted march to Mayor’s office

Social movement Housing Assembly wants housing for all an end to illegal evictions

...Steenvilla and other areas. Ebrahim Fourie of the Housing Assembly, a social movement focused on housing inequality, said that evictions were taking place all over Cape Town. “We consider it illegal,”...

25 July 2018 | ARTICLE

City acts against Steenvilla evictees

Long-running battle at Cape Town’s largest social housing complex may have drawn to an end

...Steenvilla, hired additional security to guard Steenvilla as tensions rose between the evictees and the residents. Several times in the past month and a half the evictees have protested by burning bar...

6 July 2018 | ARTICLE

Steenvilla evictees disappointed after De Lille no-show

Mayor’s office says she was not aware of meeting with residents

About 60 people gathered outside Steenvilla in Steenberg on Thursday. The group were expecting to meet with Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille to discuss the recent evictions at the social housing comp...

27 June 2018 | ARTICLE

Can subsidised rentals help solve the housing crisis?

It’s an idea whose time has come but it is not a cure-all

...Steenvilla, which is not good for either them or the residents inside Steenvilla. They will likely end up in a desolate depressing place like Wolwerivier, 25km north of the city centre but which seems...

19 June 2018 | ARTICLE

Families living in tents outside complex they were evicted from

...Steenvilla are angry with rent-defaulters and want them gone

...Steenvilla, the largest social housing complex in Cape Town. More than 15 families live in makeshift tents made out of black plastic bags outside the complex. They were evicted from Steenvilla on 6 Ju...

6 June 2018 | ARTICLE

Dozens of families evicted at Cape Town’s largest social housing project

...Steenvilla households who are behind on their rent failed

...Steenvilla in Steenberg, in Cape Town’s south peninsula on Wednesday, as police with security dogs watched. Steenvilla is the largest social housing complex in Cape Town. It has over 700 units. The u...

20 February 2018 | ARTICLE

Crime mars Cape Town’s largest social housing project

Tension between residents paying rent and those who are not

Steenvilla, the largest social housing complex in Cape Town. is a gated community with 24-hour security, yet residents complain about the high crime rate. “Throughout the night, you hear the scraping ...

18 December 2017 | ARTICLE

News that mattered: 2017 in photos

Drought, protests, anger over the social grants payment system, and the collapse of Metrorail marked this year.

...Steenvilla on 23 November 2017. Steenvilla is the largest social housing complex in Cape Town. The future of social housing in the city may depend on its success. Photo: Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik A fa...

5 December 2017 | ARTICLE

What happens when people in state housing cannot pay the rent?

...Steenvilla, Cape Town’s largest social housing complex

...Steenvilla, the city’s largest social housing complex, boiled over. Sohco, the non-profit company that manages Steenvilla, was trying to evict residents, some of whom were more than a year in arrears ...

24 November 2017 | ARTICLE

Komape trial shows state at most callous, and other stories

GroundUp’s stories from the past seven days

...Steenvilla, the biggest rent-based social housing project in Cape Town. Remember the fire in Hout Bay’s Imizamo Yethu township earlier this year? The City of Cape Town promised to reblock the burnt ar...

23 November 2017 | ARTICLE

Families evicted at Cape Town’s biggest social housing complex


...Steenvilla. Steenvilla is the largest social housing complex in Cape Town. It has over 700 units. The units are subsidised by the state, allowing the company that manages the block, Sohco, to charge ...

22 November 2017 | ARTICLE

Rent instead of owning: Is it a better model for low-income housing?

We explain an important part of the government housing programme

...Steenvilla in Steenberg. Home to about 700 families, Steenvilla is run by a social housing institution called SOHCO. Another large rental project is planned for Belhar.The City has also recently relea...

9 November 2017 | ARTICLE

Affordable housing in Cape Town: are we being fooled?

Rush to build it all in Woodstock and Salt River

...Steenvilla development has 700 units on a property the size of 9 soccer fields. In its development prospectus, the City states that Woodstock and Salt River currently have 5,187 households. Between pr...

23 October 2017 | ARTICLE

False alarm sets off protest at Cape Town’s biggest social housing complex

WhatsApp message claimed, wrongly, that 600 families were to be evicted on Monday

On Monday morning about 70 tenants from Cape Town’s largest affordable housing complex, Steenvilla, blocked Military Road. They sat in the middle of the street and sang struggle songs. A Whatsapp mes...

30 August 2017 | ARTICLE

Court gives Steenvilla residents another chance

Evictees given additional time to apply for leave to appeal

On Wednesday the Western Cape High Court ruled that residents of the Steenvilla housing complex in Steenberg can apply for leave to appeal against their attempted eviction by non-profit company Sohco ...

14 August 2017 | ARTICLE

Evictions at Cape Town social housing complex

Steenvilla is seen as a model development - much will depend on its success or failure

...Steenvilla on Monday morning, sparking anger amongst residents who say they cannot afford rising rentals. Steenvilla, which is in Steenberg, is run by the non-profit company Sohco Property Investments...

24 July 2017 | ARTICLE

Steenvilla social housing residents protest evictions

Company says some households haven’t paid rent for a year, while residents say they can’t afford increases

Residents from the social housing complex Steenvilla in Steenberg protested against an attempted mass eviction on Monday morning. Dozens of residents burnt rubbish bins and tyres in the road outside t...

18 April 2016 | ARTICLE

Tension over rent at pioneering housing complex

Some residents say Steen Villa has become too middle-class

A group of Steen Villa tenants believe that increased rental fees are forcing poorer families out of the low-cost housing development. The 700-unit development in Steenberg is the first of its kind in...