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28 July 2020 | ARTICLE

OUTA lays fraud and racketeering complaint over Lottery grants

“NLC officials are intentionally turning a blind eye and are thus complicit and criminally liable”

...Ramulifho are named in the OUTA complaints. The complaints are in terms of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act (PRECCA) and Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). OUTA also laid a criminal c...

21 July 2020 | ARTICLE

GroundUp wins lottery court battle

Attempt to force us to stop publishing details of grants abandoned

...Ramulifho, whose forgeries and misuse of lottery funds we have exposed. He wants a court to force us to remove our articles about him. Also still suing us for defamation is Phillemon Letwaba, the susp...

29 June 2020 | ARTICLE

Government investigates lottery

Minister Ebrahim Patel confirms probe in letter to Parliament

...Ramulifho demolished the existing facility in order to pretend it was being started from scratch. Both Krige and Tshikilange laid criminal charges against Ramulifho but the National Prosecuting Author...

25 June 2020 | ARTICLE

“Lawfare” launched against GroundUp to stop us exposing lottery corruption

The National Lotteries Commission is a corrupt, captured state institution that is enabling the pillaging of poor people’s money

The National Lotteries Commission is desperate to stop GroundUp and other publications from exposing corruption. Photo: Raymond Joseph About a third of every lottery ticket sold is supposed to go to ...

3 June 2020 | ARTICLE

NPA declines to prosecute Lottery looter

This is a civil matter, says state advocate

...Ramulifho and used to successfully apply for funding from the Lottery. Ramulifho and people associated with him have received Lottery grants worth at least R60 million since 2017. The first complaint ...

25 May 2020 | ARTICLE

Lottery throws millions more at dodgy projects

The National Lotteries Commission has refused to disclose its beneficiaries. But we found them

...Ramulifho who GroundUp has revealed used Lottery funding as his personal ATM, including paying for a luxury home in a “country estate” in Pretoria. The National Lotteries Commission paid a first tranc...

13 May 2020 | ARTICLE

Lotto looter Lesley Ramulifho has committed fraud and perjury

Affidavit contains manipulated bank statements and forged signatures

...Ramulifho’s actions amount to “criminal conduct”. Ramulifho has featured prominently in an ongoing investigation by GroundUp into alleged corruption and maladministration of questionable Lottery grant...

3 March 2020 | ARTICLE

Zibsifusion: a case study of Lottery corruption

Toilets were promised to schools with pit latrines, but never delivered

...Ramulifho. Ramulifho resigned as a director of Zibsifusion on 15 March 2018, and of Dinosys on 20 September 2018. In both cases, another of his employees, Louisa Molebogeng Mangwagape, was appointed. ...

20 January 2020 | ARTICLE

Money from Lottery goes to cousin of National Lotteries Commission boss

Only a fraction of the R11 million grant appears to have gone to its intended purpose

...Ramulifho as IAM4GG’s chairperson and Karabo Sithole as secretary. In other words, money passed from the National Lotteries Commission, of which Letwaba is COO, through IAM4GG, of which Letwaba’s cous...

25 November 2019 | ARTICLE

Does Sunday World want to do journalism or be a defender of corruption?

Newspaper’s attack on our reporter is malicious

...Ramulifho had used millions of rands meant to build a drug rehabilitation centre to help pay for his new luxury home, Sunday World published his denial that included a personal attack on Joseph, with ...