Electricity increases make life harder for poor people

With the winter in full effect, people are queuing in petrol stations for paraffin, filling up their gas tanks but most importantly using even more electricity in their homes.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 10 July 2013

Pay rises, policy alternatives and regime change

Trade unions are irresponsible and greedy, demanding double digit pay rises and so driving up inflation and threatening the stability of the currency and the economy. And while they criticise government policies, protest about the system or refuse immediately to accept government brokered deals, they provide no adequate explanations or alternatives.

Terry Bell - 10 July 2013

Homes vandalised in Nyanga housing dispute

Some residents in Nyanga claim that the Department of Housing is not to blame for their housing problems.

Pharie Sefali - 10 July 2013

MyCiTi: Why Cape Town needs a unique solution to public transport

BRT has become a buzzword when talking about creative transport solutions. However, it is only under very specific conditions that BRT provides the one-size-fits-all answer to a city’s needs.

Martin Eichhorn - 10 July 2013

Mixed response to Metrorail fare increases

Commuter service Metrorail increased their fares on 1 June.

Thandile Majivolo - 10 July 2013

Protest against police brutality toward blind busker

A diverse crowd of over 200 protesters gathered in Greenmarket Square this afternoon to demonstrate on behalf of Mr Lunga Goodman Nono.

Amelia Earnest - 10 July 2013

Rosa choir unites people in song

An inspiring and unique choir is taking root in our city. The Rosa Choir Project, launched in September 2012, consists of an unusually diverse group of choristers that sings songs in Afrikaans, Xhosa and English.

Entertainment Reporter - 9 July 2013

Zimbabwean models in Cape Town celebrate life

The Miss Zimbabwe Cape Town pageant was founded in March 2012 by a then 27-year-old Maynard Chizavare. He said the objective was to celebrate Zimbabwean beauty in a foreign land.

Tariro Washinyira - 9 July 2013

Reversing the Legacy of the 1913 Natives Land Act Exhibition (audio)

Reversing the Legacy of the 1913 Natives Land Act Exhibition, which ran from June 20 until June 29, invited the audience to “take a walk through history”. The multi-media exhibition, that took place at the Cape Town Convention Centre, tells the story of the 1913 Land Act and its role in shaping South Africa’s history of segregation.

Yael Even-Or - 5 July 2013

Chaos at Home Affairs foreshore building

Clayton (name changed) is a Zimbabwean man who injured his leg in a stampede at the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) foreshore offices in Cape Town on Monday.

Tariro Washinyira and GroundUp Staff - 3 July 2013

The Great Zumini

- 3 July 2013

Marcus Low, Civil Society Coalition Closing statement, Marrakesh Dipcom

- 3 July 2013

Group demands to know party funders

On 27 June 2013 protesters, under the campaign My Vote Counts which is run by activist organisation Ndifuna Ukwazi, gathered outside Parliament to demand that political parties disclose the names of their funders.

Pharie Sefali - 3 July 2013

Labelling Israeli injustice

For three long years, activists across the country campaigned to ban Israel’s practice of falsely labelling goods that are made in its illegal settlements as "made in Israel". In April this year, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issued a regulation banning this practice.

Jonathan Dockney - 3 July 2013

Egypt’s second revolution

As massive protests swept across Egypt on Sunday, many outside of Egypt were surprised to see the sheer volumes of people that were unhappy with President Mohamed Morsi and his government, so soon after the revolution.

Mary Fawzy - 3 July 2013

Go beyond lawyers for new judges

Should only lawyers be made judges? Greg Solik says no. He argues that for the judiciary to transform we need to go beyond the legal profession.

Greg Solik - 3 July 2013