Immigrants at work: IT repair shop in Gardens

Admire Siya is just 25-years old and from Zimbabwe. He has set up an IT shop in his home in Gardens.

Veronica Washaya - 25 July 2012

“I don’t do this for fun” - Road-side window cleaner

Many drivers get irritated with the youths who, without asking for permission first, wash their windscreens at traffic lights.

Nokubonga Yawa - 25 July 2012

Immigrants at work: The Parow flea market

Cameroon-born Desmond Chia is a stall owner at the Parow flea market. The harsh weather Cape Town has recently seen makes it hard for him to run his business.

Tariro Washinyira - 25 July 2012

Hope amid the horror of joblessness and exploitation

Hope springs eternal in the human breast. So wrote the much-quoted 18th Century English poet, Alexander Pope. And, although this has all too often described the
futility of chasing after rainbows and never finding a promised pot of gold, hope continues to sustain millions of people in situations that, to the more fortunate, might seem hopeless.

Terry Bell - 25 July 2012

Gay and lesbian activists protest Holomisa’s call for review

Last Wednesday, gay and lesbian rights organisations handed a memorandum to the ANC Western Cape representative, Songezo Mjongile.

Tariro Washinyira - 25 July 2012

Site B’s vetkoek hub

Makazi’s take away is a busy shack that constantly has a line of customers waiting outside to be served their vetkoek (fat cakes).

Mary-Jane Matsolo - 25 July 2012

“We’ll come back to Cape Town” - Manchester United players

On Saturday, Manchester United played Ajax in Cape Town as one of their pre-season training friendly matches.

Margo Fortune - 25 July 2012

Immigrants at work: Making ends meet as a cab driver

Tinashe Nhidza is a 35-year-old Zimbabwean taxi cab driver operating in Cape Town.

Veronica Washaya - 25 July 2012

Immigrants at work: Hair salon and cosmetics shop in Parow

Prince Ikenna came to South Africa from Nigeria in 2010 and has set up a successful salon and cosmetics business.

Tariro Washinyira - 25 July 2012

A spaza shop “just to keep busy”

For most people, opening a spaza shop is a small business venture to earn an income. For Richard Handel, it is just to keep busy.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 25 July 2012

Where Cape Town’s homeless live

Nestled underneath a concrete highway, the District Six Haven shelter is a modest, two-story house where 80 of the area’s homeless live.

Allen Jiang and Audrey Leasure - 25 July 2012

Selling building material

Lucas Manya works at a stand selling building material in Makhaza, Khayelitsha.

Nokubonga Yawa - 25 July 2012

Khayelitsha’s first coffee shop opened

What do a fireman, an employee at a towel factory and a coffee barista have in common? They all make up the Department of Coffee (DOC), a new intimate coffee shop in Khayelitsha.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 19 July 2012

Delft RDP houses falling apart

Delft residents are left in the cold this winter as the recent bad weather is causing their houses to fall apart.

Janine Fortuin - 19 July 2012

Activists battle Novartis over cancer drug

South African activists are campaigning to get a multinational pharmaceutical company, Novartis, to drop a court case against the Indian government.

Mary-Jane Matsolo - 18 July 2012

Zimbabwean woman murdered on her way to Bellville

The brother of a Zimbabwean woman who was murdered last week is accusing her ex-boyfriend in a case that highlights violence against women.

Tariro Washinyira - 18 July 2012