Here’s what the models predict about Covid-19

But beware: soothsaying has a checkered history

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22 May 2020

Covid-19: Why testing takes time and what to expect

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes in the testing labs than most patients realise


25 March 2020

Landmark ruling for science journalists

Appeal committee of press council frees media from having to create false balance


20 March 2020

Ambitious plans underway for homegrown South African climate change model

“We should not just sit and wait for others to bring us solutions. We should be part of the solution.”


29 July 2019

Budding KZN scientist wins film award

Jamila Janna is becoming an expert in snails

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15 November 2018

New tuberculosis vaccine raises hopes

But one more large trial is needed, says TB activist


28 September 2018

NRF cuts hurt South Africa’s scientists

Researchers need to hold public officials accountable


2 May 2018

UCT invites “conspiracy theorist” to talk about decolonisation of science

Academics furious with decision to give CK Raju official platform


28 September 2017

How to fix the academic peer review system

And the crux of the solution is that a hundred thousand journals need to die

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3 August 2017

Here’s where to find data on Cape Town’s water crisis

Government, the weather service and academics need to do better at making data and analysis of the water crisis available


17 May 2017

Scientific journal threatened by vested interests

Article critical of corporate-funded research retracted


3 May 2017

Durban march for science

Youth, women encouraged to join science industry


24 April 2017

Science and decolonisation: a way forward

“Science is an international endeavour - it doesn’t only belong to the West”

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8 November 2016

Success against deadly drug-resistant TB in rural KZN

Number of cases has dropped dramatically following bunch of health interventions


16 July 2016

USN sues consumer activist

R2 million. That’s how much sport supplement company Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN) wants consumer activist Harris Steinman to pay for calling its owner, Albe Geldenhuys, a “scam artist”, “liar”, “quack”, “fraud” and “snake oil salesman”.

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16 September 2015

Plasma TV rumour surfaces again

New rumours of a “plasma gang” stealing TVs in order to retrieve a powder have surfaced in Cape Town, but police and scientists are unconvinced.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

14 January 2015