Astonishing cost of Angy Peter trial sheds light on the price of justice

After five months of sitting trial, Angy Peter and her husband Isaac Mbadu have yet to receive a verdict. In the process, they’ve racked up over R1.6 million in lawyer fees, according to the Social Justice Coalition (SJC).

Jul 23, 2014
Lara Sokoloff
Masiphumelele township near the affluent suburb of Fish Hoek in Cape Town. Photo by Masixole Feni.Why Mike Schussler is wrong about inequality

Popular economist Mike Schussler’s recently published article distorts the available statistical evidence to buttress a bizarre argument.

Jul 22, 2014
Gilad Isaacs
The Murderer by Edvard Munch (1910). Image from Wikigallery.No one should have to bump into De Kock in the supermarket

A growing number of people, including some surprising names, such as Max du Preez, and others more predictable, such as FW de Klerk, seem to believe that Eugene De Kock, head of the Vlakplaas torture camp and death squad, should be released from prison. Here is why I disagree.

Jul 22, 2014
Brent Meersman
From TAC archive. Photographer unknown. Does anybody remember AIDS?

This week thousands of activists, scientists and government officials will troop to Melbourne, Australia, to participate in the 20th International AIDS Conference.

Jul 21, 2014
Mark Heywood
Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Michael Masuthu. Photo from government website.The Difficulty with De Kock

On 10 July 2014 the Minister of Justice, Michael Masutha, conveyed his decision to refuse Eugene de Kock’s application for parole to the public. His decision, although unsurprising, is unusual for having gone against the respective recommendations of the National Council for Correctional Services and the Correctional Supervision and Parole Board, who, in November 2013, recommended that de Dock be released on parole.

Jul 21, 2014
Clare Ballard
Photo by Flickr user The All-Nite Images. (CC BY-SA 2.0).A suggestion for how unions can help alleviate household debt

Official statistics note that South African household borrowings have declined slightly. However, we remain a nation wallowing in debt. And this applies from the government down to the humblest of families.

Jul 21, 2014
Terry Bell
Judge Willie Seriti. Photo from government website.How the Seriti Commission is failing

The Seriti Commission's approach is undermining the public's right to know, explains Kholiswa Tyiki, a journalist and researcher with Right2Know.

Jul 18, 2014
Kholiswa Tyiki
Protest in Langa last week, Photo by Armand Hough.Why the sun will continue to burn in Langa

Last Wednesday, Langa erupted into massive protest that locked down the area with no way in or out of the township. To many, it seemed like the anger came from nowhere – yet frustration has been simmering here for months if not years.

Jul 17, 2014
Jared Sacks
Mike Schussler. Photo taken from University of Free State website.Do wage increases lead to greater inequality?

Recent articles in GroundUp by Gilad Isaacs on the conclusions to be drawn from the long platinum strike have prompted a vigorous debate about the nature of inequality in South Africa. Here economist Mike Schussler argues that demands for higher wages will lead to more inequality, not less.

Jul 15, 2014
Mike Schussler
Front cover of pamphlet by Jonathan Swift. Source: Monash University.Over-population is not the problem

“The misery of people here is very great, with beggars innumerable and increasing every day....pigs and calves live better than they.” That rhyming comment could apply to the legions of the poor in many parts of the world today. And South Africa is no exception.

Jul 14, 2014
Terry Bell