Tariro Washinyira

Tariro was born in Zimbabwe. She is an activist and a journalist with a Diploma in Communication and Journalism from Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA). Currently she is studying for a Community Development Degree through UNISA. After her graduation from CCOSA she worked for The Sunday Mail in Zimbabwe as a court and news reporter. She also volunteered and worked for several non-profit organisations including Scripture Union, AIDS Counselling Trust, Women Empowerment of Southern Africa and Girls and Football South Africa. She has a passion for youth programmes, HIV and AIDS prevention and girls and women empowerment projects.

Tariro's stories published on GroundUp

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Jet customer sold insurance he didn't want

GroundUp photographer Masixole Feni tried to open an account at Jet stores last month - and found himself signed up for a handful of insurance policies he didn’t want.

23 September 2015
'One day, people will watch me dance'

“When I finish school, I want to be in a ballet skirt and do ballet for a big crowd,” says six-year-old Anathi Dakuse from Imizamo Yethu.

23 September 2015
Zimbabwean teachers in Northern Cape are desperate following months without pay

Fanuel (not his real name) teaches at a high school in Gaetsewe District in Northern Cape Province. He says he was last paid in June 2015 because his Zimbabwe Special Permit (ZSP) renewal application to the Department of Home Affairs is still pending. He appears to be one of dozens of foreign nationals in a similar position.

11 September 2015
Making a living from pap

Ketayi Madzokere, 34, affectionately known as Mai Mutsa by Zimbabweans and her customers, is a soft spoken but determined business woman.

28 August 2015
The costs of transferring money to Zimbabwe

The cost of sending money across national borders has been falling rapidly over the last ten years, everywhere in the world, but Sub-Saharan Africa is the most expensive region, and sending money from South Africa to neighbouring countries appears to carry the highest costs of all.

24 August 2015
Dismissed trucking company employee fights back

Johannes Chakuvinga lodged complaints of assault and unfair dismissal against Stikland company GSP Trucking in May with the industry bargaining council. Under the impression the company was closing, Chakuvinga was persuaded in July to settle for R5,750. But the company has not closed, and he wants to re-open his complaint.

20 August 2015
Police deny immigrants right to appear before a magistrate

On 13 August 2015, Potchefstroom police station cells security officer Buisanang Malefane told GroundUp on the phone that Malvern and Hamilton Mugwagwa, who are in their custody, have no right to appear before a magistrate because they are unlawfully in the country. They were arrested on 5 August 2015 at a roadblock in Potchefstroom on their way from Cape Town back to Zimbabwe.

14 August 2015
Trucking company fires unionised employees

Six Zimbabwean men have accused a Stikland trucking company of dismissing them for having joined the Motor Transport Workers’ Union of South Africa (MTWU). They accuse the company of exploitation and ill treatment, and claim they are owed pay.

6 August 2015
Scene of a murder, Hout Bay’s “white house” could be demolished

The controversial “white house” in Hout Bay, scene of the murder earlier this month of a Congolese resident, could be demolished in August, says Brett Herron, mayoral committee member for transport.

22 July 2015
"We work in love without discrimination" -- How immigrant women are making successful businesses

Fatima Mahomed Abukar immigrated to South Africa from war-torn Somalia. She together with a group of Somalis, Burundians, Senegalese and Malawians sell belts, socks and bags in Stellenbosch. Their business now runs smoothly, but they had to fight to get it that way.

25 June 2015
Angolans in dread of uprooting

In October 2009, the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) proposed to end refugee status for Angolans who fled the civil war which ended in 2002. It recommended member states act in concert to achieve a uniform schedule for the implementation of the cessation of the refugee dispensation.

23 June 2015
How immigrants contribute to the SA economy

Saturday 20 June is World Refugee Day. In a keynote address at an event organised by the Scalabrini Centre and the Holocaust Centre in Cape Town, Caroline Skinner, senior researcher at The African Centre for Cities (ACC) at the University of Cape Town, shared timely new research about the role of migrants and refugees in the informal economy.

17 June 2015
Asylum seeker’s eight years in limbo

Enap ‘Pitshou’ Ngwene, 32, is an asylum seeker from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Since he arrived in South Africa in 2007, he has nothing tangible to show. He blames this on his rejection for asylum in 2011, which has now been on appeal for four years.

11 June 2015
We have failed my community, says Masiphumelele leader

The government has failed to support the integration of foreigners into the Masiphumelele community, says local leader Mzuvukile Nikelo.

27 May 2015
Student protests hit UNISA

Yesterday about 100 University of South Africa (UNISA) students protested at the main entrance to the Parow premises of the university for about an hour.

8 May 2015
Zimbabweans fund raise for young and old

It is better to give than to receive. Say no to xenophobia and say yes to assisting and uplifting your community. These were the sentiments of Zimbabwean business people in Cape Town. On Sunday in Muizenberg, they sponsored a charity fundraising event for Marinatha Home for the Elderly and the Mother’s Love Educare crèche in Capricorn.

4 May 2015
“Back to square one” because of xenophobia

Congolese refugee Sebastien Bazolo, 50, gave up his Durban job to flee back to Cape Town when xenophobia broke out in KwaZulu Natal.

30 April 2015
Waiting for a Home Affairs document: seven years and counting

A 32-year-old Burundian refugee, Furaha (not her real name) has been waiting since 2008 for her refugee identity document.

29 April 2015
Foreigners the target of frustration with inequality – Cape Town archbishop

In his opening address on Wednesday night at a rally against xenophobia organised by COSATU in the Cape Town City Hall, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba said pressure should be put on government to come up with a comprehensive immigration policy and provide refuge to those fleeing danger and violence without worsening the plight of South Africans.

24 April 2015
Call for parliament to sign anti-xenophobia pledge

About 100 people marched against xenophobia in Cape Town yesterday. The protest was organised by several civil society organisation including PASSOP and Sonke Gender Justice.

23 April 2015
Cape Town foreigners uneasy after Durban attacks

Authorities in Cape Town will “not just stand by” and watch if xenophobia spreads to the city again, says J P Smith, mayoral committee member for safety and security. But foreigners living in the city are nervous.

16 April 2015
Zimbabwean family struggling to cope with rape case

Michael is a Zimbabwean asylum seeker who is struggling to put food on the table for his family. His situation became worse in 2014 when his 14-year-old girl fell pregnant after she was allegedly raped by his 43-year-old friend. She delivered a baby boy on 11 March 2015.

10 April 2015
Workers at Groote Schuur allege illegal pay deductions

A manager at cleaning company Pronto Kleen has been charged with fraud after allegedly inflating employees’ working hours and claiming the extra money for herself.

8 April 2015
Cape Town Zimbabwe Excellence Awards to be held on 4 April

The Cape Town Zimbabwe Excellence Awards seek to recognise Zimbabweans who have excelled in making a positive contribution to the Cape Town community in various ways, including sports, the media, academic prowess, business acumen and in the entertainment world. The awards will be announced at the Cape Town International Conference Centre on 4 April 2015.

3 April 2015
Zimbabwean man stranded in prison for 20 days and counting

A Zimbabwean man, Simbarashe Mariga, has been in Pollsmoor prison for more than 20 days without appearing in court.

2 April 2015
Police soft on crimes against foreigners, say Westlake residents

The murder of a 24-year-old Malawian has increased tensions in Westlake. Residents complain that the Kirstenhof police do not take attacks on foreigners seriously enough.

25 March 2015
Down with xenophobia! say Khayelitsha organisations

To commemorate Human Rights Day and raise awareness about xenophobia, around 80 South Africans and Somalis marched in Khayelitsha Site C at an event organised by the Social Justice Coalition (SJC).

23 March 2015
Zimbabweans remain unhappy with special permit process

After Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba gave the media an update on the Zimbabwe Special Permit (ZSP) in Midrand on Monday, Zimbabweans who spoke to GroundUp claim there were challenges with the ZSP which the minister did not address. These included delays and rejections.

20 March 2015
Western Cape human rights organisations respond to Philippi xenophobic violence

At a Western Cape Refugee and Migrant Forum at Scalabrini Centre on Thursday, several civil society organisations agreed to establish a ‘xenophobic response task team and forum’ in response to the recent Philippi xenophobic violence.

13 March 2015
False Bay domestic worker paid nothing for 14 years

A 61-year-old Zimbabwean domestic worker, Gladys Mafita, claims her False Bay employer fired her without payment after 14 years.The employer is Daniel Deng, son of Francis Deng, the first ambassador of South Sudan to the United States.

4 March 2015
Somali businessmen share their acumen with locals

Abdikadir Mohamed, the Western Cape Chairman of the Somali Association South Africa (SASA), responded to South African business people who accuse Somali owned businesses of questionable practices at a business skills sharing workshop held at Vuyiseka Secondary School in Philippi this week.

20 February 2015
Parow police accused of abusing immigrants

On 6 February, Bernard Toyambi of People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty (PASSOP) alleges his family was left traumatised after a group of more than 12 armed Parow Police officers broke into his house at midnight, claiming that they had received an anonymous call that there was a woman crying in his house.

18 February 2015
Delays with Home Affairs permits: Zimbabweans sent away from work

Three Zimbabwean men whose permits are pending have been told to leave their jobs at Touareg Tents in Capricorn Business Park and return only when they can prove they are legally in the country.

27 January 2015
Returning Zimbabweans battle with bureaucracy

Zimbabweans who travelled to Zimbabwe before their Special Dispensation Permits were issued have complained of problems on their return to South Africa after the holidays.

15 January 2015
What immigrants do in the holidays when it's too expensive to travel home

Taurai Mari is from Zimbabwe, but he will be spending the December holidays in Cape Town. He has saved money to visit the city’s tourist destinations.

19 December 2014
Problems and prejudice face Nigerians in Cape Town

After two months in Cape Town, Oscar (name changed), 40, has decided to go back to Nigeria. Like many of his compatriots, he is tired of the work permit problems and the way Nigerians are treated in South Africa.

18 December 2014
Parow’s block of flats from hell

Immigrants who live in Goodman Close and Le Ruth Close at 194 Voortrekker Road Parow are fed up with the awful conditions they live in.

10 December 2014
Police fire rubber bullets in city centre

A man was injured when police fired rubber bullets at a crowd of about a thousand asylum seekers earlier today at the Home Affairs Temporary Refugee Centre on Cape Town’s foreshore. Witnesses say that a nine-month-old baby was also injured.

27 November 2014
The long wait for a trading permit

At least 40 Zimbabwean informal traders fear they may lose their livelihoods after delays in getting informal trading permits from Fezeka City Council offices in Gugulethu.

25 November 2014
Zimbabweans can now stay longer for the festive season

On Thursday, Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba announced that Zimbabweans intending to travel home for the festive season will be able to do so even if their permits have not been issued.

21 November 2014
Fines, firings and written warnings thanks to Metrorail delays

While Metrorail guards demand train tickets, a poor service leaves many commuters to face the consequences of being late.

20 November 2014
Zimbabweans afraid to go home for Christmas

Zimbabweans whose permits expire on 31 December and whose applications for new permits have not yet been processed face a difficult decision about whether to return home for Christmas - and risk trouble at the border on their return to South Africa.

10 November 2014
How an organisation is helping immigrant children with disabilities

It is not easy to raise a child with disabilities if you are a single mother and a foreign national living in a township in South Africa. Fortunately, there is the PASSOP Disabled Children Support Group.

5 November 2014
Home affairs tells asylum-seeking married couple to remarry

Christine Ntumba is an asylum seeker from the DRC. And she’s in a desperate situation. Her baby, Aradi, is sick and cannot get the medical attention he needs because Christine cannot obtain vital documents because of bureaucratic hurdles.

31 October 2014
Peeing into a plastic bottle on the long road from Lindela

Tapiwa, 35, was deported to Zimbabwe in August via the notorious Lindela Repatriation Centre. A few days later, he was back in South Africa. He told Tariro Washinyira his story.

27 October 2014
How I crossed the border illegally

Every day, hundreds of Zimbabweans cross the Beit Bridge border across the Limpopo River into South Africa - some of them illegally. GroundUp reporter Tariro Washinyira joined them.

13 October 2014
New immigration laws here to stay - minister

On Tuesday at a media briefing in Cape Town on the implementation of the new immigration regulations, Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba announced that the regulations will stay despite them having created much anxiety.

16 September 2014
The Greatmore Long Walk Project empowers young artists

Established in 1998, and located in Woodstock, Greatmore Studios is a dynamic environment in which South African artists and international visitors co-exist. The studios have played an essential role in the career development of many highly successful South African artists.

11 September 2014
18 years documentation struggle with Home Affairs

After 18 years of legal struggles, Mathijs van Hillegondsberg will meet the Department of Home Affairs in the Western Cape High Court on Wednesday. Van Hillegondsberg claims that he and his family have been victims of maladministration and abuse of power.

9 September 2014
Police clearance is needed for Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Permit says Home Affairs

Following the Minister of Home Affairs remarks on 12 August 2014 that a clear criminal record was a condition to qualify for the Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Permit, the Zimbabwe Community South Africa (ZCSA) said they have noted people flocking to police stations for police clearance. The ZCSA told GroundUp that in fact there was no need for anyone to get police clearance. Subsequent to GroundUp quoting ZCSA yesterday, Home Affairs has confirmed that a certificate is needed. GroundUp deeply regrets adding to the confusion.

3 September 2014