Our boring but necessary legal disclaimer

Our legal disclaimer can be summed as this: When we mess up please give us a chance to make a correction before suing us.

Five types of content are published on the GroundUp website. These are

  1. stories written by our journalists;
  2. editorial comment, i.e. our official opinion;
  3. opinion pieces;
  4. comments; and
  5. advertisements.

The first three are also published on our social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook) and in other media. Each of these is discussed below.

Our journalists' stories

We take full responsibility for the content of our journalists' stories. We will abide by rulings of the Press Ombudsman.

We strive to make our articles factually correct. We will only print salacious gossip if we think it is probably true and in the public interest. But sometimes we'll mess up and occasionally we'll mess up very badly. Please give us the opportunity to publish corrections of our mistakes on our website before lodging a complaint with the Press Ombudsman or suing the pants off us. We don't have much money, so suing us is not going to be productive to you or us.

Editorial comment

We take full responsibility for our editorial comment.

Any facts expressed in our editorials should be accurate. But sometimes we'll get it wrong. Please give us the opportunity to correct our mistakes before lodging a complaint with the Press Ombudsman or suing us.

If you disagree with an opinion expressed by our editors, the best way to respond is to either post a comment or submit a Reply to Article via our contact form. A comment, if it abides by our code of basic decency will always be published. However, we reserve the right to publish a Reply to Article.

See our Guidelines for opinion pieces to maximise your chances of getting a reply published.

Opinion Pieces

GroundUp publishes opinion pieces by many people with many different opinions. By publishing an opinion piece, we do not endorse the opinions expressed, nor do we take any responsibility for those opinions. If you don't like the opinions expressed in an opinion piece, then either post a comment on it or submit a Reply to Article via our contact form.

However if you believe there is a factual error in an opinion piece that we publish, that's a different matter. Please let us know. If we agree with you that there is indeed a factual error, we will publish a correction.


We take no responsibility for opinions and facts in comments published on the website. If you think someone has written nonsense, post a comment responding to them. However, if you alert us to a comment that violates our Code of Basic Decency, we will remove it.


Adverts must abide by the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASASA) code. We strongly support the regulation of advertising. Advertisers are use money to get their content displayed prominently and frequently, so they have special responsibilities to be truthful and responsible. If you believe an advert on our site is misleading, irresponsible or in violation of the ASASA code, please let us know. If we agree with you we'll remove the advert and ask the advertiser to change it. If we are not sure, e.g. we don't have the capacity to determine whether an advertising claim is true or not, we will leave the advert untouched until ASASA directs otherwise, but we will encourage you to submit a complaint to ASASA.

Naughty journalists

Some of our journalists tweet and post their views on Facebook, Google Plus and elsewhere. We believe in freedom and so they're allowed to do that. We take absolutely no responsibility for what they do outside of GroundUp's auspices, even if they do it during work hours using GroundUp's facilities (which they shouldn't). However, our journalists know that if they publish anything that is wilfully false, defamatory or in violation of our Code of Decency, we'll take disciplinary action and probably dismiss them.