GroundUp launch

Where is the event: 
Mahogany Room, 79 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town
Date and time of the event: 
Friday, November 23, 2012 - 18:00 to 20:00
Who is this event for: 
Adults only
Description of the event: 
GroundUp journalists are reporting stories and making documentaries about life in South Africa's townships. We've run social justice stories exposing corruption at Home Affairs, failures of policing,  the lack of street lighting in Khayelitsha, the closure of a soup kitchen in Somerset West and the illegal sale of formula milk. We've also run stories that show the upside of township life: Khayelitsha's first coffee shop, bustling small businesses, great sporting events and schools that are doing amazing things with few resources. At our launch, we'll tell you about some of our upcoming projects and ideas to grow GroundUp into a countrywide high quality source of community news. You can meet our journalists and watch a very short documentary showing their work. GroundUp is an important media initiative that is holding local councillors to account and putting township life, both its challenges and successes, into the news. Don't miss our launch. It will be fun and informative.
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Must people RSVP: 
021 788 9163
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Submitted by Keith on

I enjoy your stories from Denver Colorado. Wish I was closer to see your launch. Much success for what you are trying to accomplish. Have a fantastic launch/event. Reading about challenges but in particular the success are important to note in these very diffucult times in SA. Carry on Ground Up!

Submitted by Anonymous on

l follow Tariro's stories so much tht l cnt wait 4 another one. Her stories are so wel researched nd are bringing th rot thts been happening in CP esp kheyelitsha. Maintain th high standard nd kip tellng th truth nd the truth shall set us free,thank u

Submitted by Veronica Washay on

GroundUp gets better everyday... What a great team.... From editor Nathan to the lovely ladies.....You are bridging gaps in our society people were not aware of... Keep it up.... All the best....Fambai Nenyasha DzaMwari, (Tariro will translate). Hugs.

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