Articles by Mary-Anne Gontsana

Loadshedding causes social grant backlogs

SASSA says staff are manually filling out applications


18 November 2021

Toddler airlifted to hospital after falling into uncovered drain

Local farmworker movement plans to lay charges against farmer


5 November 2021

Makhaza finally gets a temporary police station

Police say construction of a permanent police station still on the cards for Khayelitsha


2 November 2021

Sexual offences cases are being withdrawn due to DNA processing backlog

Over 37,000 DNA specimens yet to be processed in the Western Cape alone


26 October 2021

Bus transformed into mobile classroom for learners in Langa

The 42-seater Atlas Digibus has laptops, two teaching stations, and Wi-Fi for online teaching programmes like coding


15 October 2021

No Covid relief for thousands of children’s centres

“Early Childhood Development centres have closed down. People have lost their jobs. But the national Department of Social Development is not saying a word.”


30 September 2021

Fifteen years later still no footbridge for Cape Flats’ school children

A bridge to cross the Vygieskraal River in Kewtown has been on the City of Cape Town’s to do list since 2006


22 September 2021

Mother pleads with strained Dial-a-Ride service to help get her daughter to school

Her daughter is among thousands of people on the City-run service’s waiting list


16 September 2021

Busiswa Pikinini has no hands, no feet - and no house

The 27-year-old is one of those hoping for housing in Khayelitsha’s informal settlements


2 September 2021

“The investigating officer in charge of my case used to chill with my rapist”

Rape Crisis marks six years since the launch of its Rape Survivors’ Justice Campaign


27 August 2021

Seven years after the Khayelitsha Commission, policing is worse than ever, say residents

Community wants police minister and other government departments to account for lack of action on commission’s recommendations


26 August 2021

Khayelitsha toilet cleaners work without recommended inoculations

City blames Covid disruptions for being behind on vaccinating workers against tetanus


19 August 2021

Draft Cape Town by-law could see land occupiers fined or imprisoned for up to two years, fear housing activists

Treating occupiers as criminals fails to recognise that the vast majority of people are forced to take land, says Ndifuna Ukwazi


11 August 2021

Families living in filth in abandoned building

Gugulethu ward councillor acknowledges building is falling apart but can’t help occupants because it’s privately owned


5 August 2021

People here have been waiting for houses since 1996. They may soon get them

The Valhalla Park Housing Project began in 2016. The first houses are almost finished


2 August 2021