Articles by Mkhuseli Sizani

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s hometown: no country for old women

Girls from the age of five and women into their 70s fetch water from a river in a town that has never had tap water


25 November 2021

High school dropout rate blamed on water crisis in Eastern Cape village

The municipality says a R28 million water project will be completed in March next year


24 November 2021

Eastern Cape women abandon vegetable gardens to collect scrap for cash

“Everything here in Qunu has collapsed after Madiba passed away”


22 November 2021

Post office, SASSA office, library and community centre have all closed down in Madiba’s hometown

Unpaid electricity bills and armed robberies have collapsed Qunu’s multi-purpose community centre


19 November 2021

Attacks, stock theft, shrinking pastures, drought and a lack of vets: Eastern Cape horse owners in dire straits

As government prioritises food production, horse farmers are left out


17 November 2021

Taps run dry in the village of Mandela’s childhood home

Municipality failed to pay Eskom so pump station was switched off


15 November 2021

Mthatha patients wait in the rain at clinics from 3am

“For years we have been treated like this, but it’s worse since Covid.”


12 November 2021

Eastern Cape villagers refused to vote because of no-show mayor

At the Phungulelweni voting station in Ntabankulu Local Municipality only nine people voted


11 November 2021

Thirsty villagers desert ANC for independent candidate

Broken promises over dam project said to be reason ANC vote dropped from 83% to 53% in Mhlontlo in the Eastern Cape


10 November 2021

You might need to pitch up at 3am if you want something from this Home Affairs office

The Mthatha office is overwhelmed, official acknowledges


3 November 2021

Families living in Tsolo forest say they won’t be voting on Monday

The settlement of about 1,000 households has almost no basic services


28 October 2021

Grant beneficiaries are paying R100 of their R350 to jump the queue

“We are not forcing anyone to pay the money. We are creating jobs for ourselves”


27 October 2021

Pregnant women queue all night outside abortion clinic

“Poor treatment like this forces some of the women to go for illegal abortions”

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21 October 2021

Mthatha families buy their own transformers to electrify their homes

“Children want electricity to do their school assignments”


20 October 2021

Thousands struggle daily to get water in Mthatha

Municipal supplied jojo tanks were last filled in August in Joe Slovo Extension


18 October 2021

Human Rights Commission asked to look into post-apartheid forced removal

255 people live in dire circumstances in “Soweto” in Mthatha after they were forcefully relocated in 2012

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18 October 2021